Ongoing Service Level...

We recognise that our clients have a wide variety of circumstances, objectives and resources. Our tiered service means we can always work for you on an ongoing basis, in the fairest, most cost effective way. We can amend the selected service level at any time should your requirements change and if you need advice that falls outside your ongoing service level, we will simply agree a fee for the additional advice.

Reactive Service

This service is for clients whose financial planning requirements are relatively straightforward and includes the following commitments from us:

  • Annual postal updates of investment performance.
  • Recommendations of appropriate alterations to your investments if you tell us that your circumstances/needs or attitude to risk have changed.
  • Telephone and email access to your adviser.
  • Advice on other areas of financial planning for which we will charge a fee.

Proactive Service

This service is designed for clients who either need a more complicated financial strategy or prefer more regular contact with their adviser.  The proactice service comprises:

  • Access to our centralised investment portfolios, which are constructed, monitored and reviewed by our investment committee.
  • A comprehensive annual review with your adviser who will provide you with a report on your investment(s) and discuss your circumstances and needs to ensure that your financial planning strategy remains relevant.
  • We will adjust the holdings within your investment(s) where appropriate and with your agreement, to ensure that your money is working as hard as possible for you.
  • Telephone and email contact with your adviser.
  • Advice in other areas of financial planning for which we will usually charge a fee.

Bespoke Service

This is our most comprehensive financial planning service, designed for clients with complex needs and circumstances or for those who require a holistic approach to their planning.  For our bespoke clients we undertake the following:

  • Construction of an individual financial planning strategy and investment portfolio, some of which may be based on our centralised investment portfolios.
  • Up to two comprehensive financial reviews per year with your adviser, who will provide you with a report on your investments, re-evaluate your circumstances and needs, ensure that your financial planning strategy remains relevant and recommend amendments to your investments, where appropriate.
  • Unlimited telephone and email contact with your adviser.
  • Ad hoc valuations on request.
  • Advice in all other areas of financial planning, which may incur a fee.
  • Introduction to appropriate professionals if required, such as accountants, solicitors and tax experts.
  • Invitations to professional seminars which we organise in instances where we feel that the content may be of benefit to you.